MLS Week 28: It's RALLY TIME!

It's October now - time for one last big push to the playoffs!*

So everyone grab your Thundersticks and get on your feet for...



Nothing at stake here but the Shield, and the Crew are comfortably ahead here. If the Crew are smart, they'll rest their starters - the only reason not to is, what if Donovan gets another cheap hat trick? Not likely - I'm afraid to look up the last time the Galaxy won in Columbus, but I think it was so long ago, Brian McBride was in the league. Wait, what if Buddle breaks out for revenge against his old team oh who am I kidding. CC Riders, 5-1.

CUSA keeps catching teams at a good time. Gallardo is back, but only probable. Emilio is out, Moreno is out, DC is bleeding goals. About the only thing DC has going for it is they're finally back home. United hasn't beaten anyone since winning the Open Cup...but they've only played at home three times since then, and only once in the league. Bizarro Chivas has been doing it with smoke and mirrors, but DC's been wearing the "kick me" sign for over a month now. CUSA, 3-1, on at least two ridiculous defensive mistakes.

Just the pick-me-up the Bulls needed after tripping over their dangly bits last week. The big question is whether last week was an outlier, or whether New York has the worst defense in the league east of the 605. They get the week off against Toronto, though, so that will help. Arby's, 2-0.

Boy, Salt Lake could do themselves a favor by stealing points here. New England's all dazed and confused recently, too. They've been freshly-mowed garbage in recent weeks, didn't even pick up the phone against Columbus, and here come the Royals thinking they can play on the road now and such. Problem is, Jamison Olave got himself suspended yet again. The last time RSL was without him, Nat Borchers was torched like an overinsured Pog warehouse. A New England loss here would be worse than the Joe Public series. Revs, 4-1.

Wrote off Colorado a little prematurely, I did. I didn't think Conor Casey was going to score three more goals in his MLS career. The Dynamo have been unusually poor in games with little on the line as of late, and CONCACAF is sucking the life out of them. The Dynamo are going to stink this month, and games like this will make the rest of the West think they can be caught. In other words, this isn't the playoff preview Colorado hopes it will be. No reason they shouldn't enjoy it, though. Rapids, 3-2.

Chicago is rested, and playing another lousy team. They're all healed up, and they're good on the road. I'm pretty sure the Fire clinch a playoff spot with a win here, too, although I'd rather drink bleach than do the math and make sure. The playoff race would be a lot more interesting if Chicago bungled this game. And even though I should know better, I'm still looking at last week as "Wow, Logan Pause really shut down the Galaxy" instead of "So what, everyone puts three past the Galaxy." I think the Fire have problems, but no more or less than any other team outside Ohio - certainly enough to get them through this match. Fire, 2-0.

*Big push to the playoffs not valid in Canada.