To Start Your Day

From the most excellent blogTHE OFFSIDE comes a little something to - well, I won't spoil it:


From the same place, a link to the most excellent World Cup Blog, OFFERING A GLIMPSE INTO THE GALAXY'S IMMEDIATE FUTURE:

Bayern manager Jurgen Klinsmann approaches Landon and Podolski:

Klinsmann: Luca needs to come off, one of you must go in for him. Landon!

Landon: (wide-eyed, full of hope) Yes?!

Klinsmann: Tie Lukas’ boots so he can go in.

Ridge Mahoney, a guy I've given some serious flak to, has AN EXCELLENT PIECE ON BOB BRADLEY'S CHOICES for the upcoming round of qualifiers.

I like the idea of running two different squads out there, a Euro-based and an MLS-based, particularly with so many of the likely MLS callups being badly needed by their clubs at the moment.

But I thought the best insight of all was the comment regarding Eddie Johnson: one reason to keep calling him in is that, frankly, his club doesn't mind a bit.

First there's hyperbole, then there's exaggeration, then there's "wildly overblown", then there's "way over the top" and then there's this, courtesy of the "greatest soccer stadium in the world", located in the future "soccer capital of America" and is the "envy of the world":