The Refs of the Baskervilles

I've been bad about following up on this sort of thing, but I got a chuckle out of this week's MLS ref review for Week 26.

"Say, wasn't that the week DC went to LA and got all those horrible calls?"

Why, yes it was, disembodied voice. In fact, the topics of interest this week were red cards, diving and offside.

For an example of a red card situation that was called improperly, the USSF used...Goldthwaite hacking the crap out of Robbie Rogers.

So, we're not above criticizing refs. We're just not willing to address the most controversial red card of the week.

As for offside?

The clip chosen was Edson Buddle - not the one that led to Donovan's controversial (but meaningless) fifth goal, but the one where he missed an easy shot at the end of the first half.

The clip doesn't exactly make a rock-solid case that Buddle was onside, either. So why not bite the bullet, show the sequence where Buddle redirected the ball to Donovan (or not, if it can be proven one way or the other)?

Yes, I know these are instructional tools for other referees, not meant to address fans' concerns. But what with all these dogs not barking, I can barely hear myself think.

Or, maybe the guys putting together the clips love the Galaxy and hate the Red Bulls. Was that Pietrovallo on that hilarious dive?