MLS Week 27: What you should be watching

At least, according to these guys, who I should really get over at some point. Maybe next season.

You'd think this would be the game that would matter the least. You'd be right. Theoretically, going on the road after a midweek CONCACAF game would take something about of the Dynomutts. Fortunately for any lingering suspense about this game, Toronto's been godawful. Houston, 2-0. By the time you read this, the game will have started, but I'm not gonna peek.

Now we're into the games that swing chances. Win, and Colorado's playoff chances go above 60%. Lose, and they fall below 30. What takes the intrigue out of this one is a glance at the Raps' road record (they've won twice), and the Bullies' home record (they've lost once). Colorado haven't been unspeakably horrible recently, I just don't think they're as good as New York, and the game's at sea level. Bulls, 2-1.

Who cares? There's not a playoff spot at stake.

The numbers on the Sports Club Stats site are hysterical. A win raises the playoff possibilities for either team by nearly forty freaking percentage points. A tie cripples both teams. And neither result would affect anyone else very much at all (seems wrong, what with San Jose's game in hand, but oh well). That Hurricane Ike postponement was a psychological pothole. All the Quakes had to do was keep playing, and the playoffs would have been a snap. Probably second place, as well, not that it matters in this format. And yeah, maybe they could physically have used a week off. But the entire rest of the division picked up three points while the Quakes were forced to cool their heels, and it never feels good to casually look at the standings and see an undeserved last place. (Beats earning last place, though.) San Jose's not going to bungle this one, though, which puts Salt Lake in a bad spot. Quakes, 2-0, and Huckerby starts to get MVP consideration.

Who needs Cheer against the team in your conference, duh. The Goats have a lot to pay back Kansas City for, and Lady Luck has been smiling upon CUSA something fierce - what with catching Toronto in mid-freefall, and various game-winning goals straight from the Cheesecake Factory, the soccer gods have given them nine free points in the past month. Plus, Sasha Victorine is back, and he wants REVENGE. I'm still making this pick based on the injury report, though. 3-1, Kansas City.

It's not fair to say that it's easier for a team in the West to finish third than catch the fifth place team in the East. It's easier for a team in the West to finish second than catch #5 in the East. DC United is just horrible right now. Just...really, really bad. I won't insult you by cracking out my thesaurus, I'm not exactly madly in love with FCD's chances right now, and I should probably not be so quick to assume Luciano Emilio won't suddenly return to form. But what does one say? They made the effin' Galaxy look like contenders. D's, 2-0.

The Revolution have not lost since the last time they faced the Crew....which isn't that impressive, since CUSA ran out of gas in minute 80 and they only got a point in Commerce City. The Revs did beat Columbus at home earlier in the year, so the tiebreaker is at stake. Since the Superliga ended, the Crew have been keeping clean sheets while New England has crapped the bed. This is the sort of game that shifts the momentum of the season, though, and the Revolution are awfully talented. Kheli Dube is also nearly back, which should at least give some spice to the Rookie of the Year race. If anyone can stop GBS and make a run at the MVP, it's Shalrie. If. Crew, 2-1.