Being Chuck Blazer

Just in case you were worried about it, FIFA Executive Committee member and CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer FINALLY took delivery on that Mercedes restoration.

It was a two year job, and absurdly expensive, but you gotta admit, it sure is nice.

Here he's posed with it outside of FIFA HQ in Zurich, where he'll keep it for personal use when he's in town.

Just thought you'd like to know.

You're welcome.

Of course as most of you know Chuck is heading up the CONCACAF Champions League since, apparently, his partner Jack Warner has bigger fish to fleece. I mean fry.

Hot on the heels of the USL Puerto Rico Islanders STUNNING WIN OVER SANTOS LAGUNA on Monday night, another MLS team laid an egg as DC United failed to gain the 0-0 draw they seemed to be hoping for against Marathon.

But then, DC hasn't fared too well on the road in MLS this season, so winning in Honduras might be asking a lot.

However that may be, and the DC situation is, to say the least, wildly complicated, the question I have is: will Zach Wells still have a job in The District next year?

Louis Crayton, despite all the goals which seem to be flying past him (see: Galaxy, LA) has been spectacular. He's needed to be in order to keep the scores at least respectable in front of a defense that he ought to sue for lack of support.

Still, better Chuck hang out in Central America to keep the latest slime from Zurich from splattering his size 56 Armani jacket.

The problem is that the third member of FIFA's ruling troika (Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner being the first two) is Mohamed Bin Hammam, a Qatari national who heads up the Asian soccer federation in a manner similar to that of Jack Warner's CONCACAF.

Back in March, Qatar beat Iraq 2-0, a win which propelled them into the Asian qualifying finals and knocked Iraq out.

Unfortunately, it later came to light that Qatar had fielded a hastily nationalized Brazilian named Emerson who, under the name Marcio Passos De Albuquerque, appeared on a Brazil team a few years back, which should have disqualified him from taking the field for Qatar.

Iraq appealed the result to FIFA, which duly issued a lifetime ban for Emerson but - inexlicably - refused to overturn the result, as FIFA rules QUITE CLEARLY DEMAND:

Article 55: any team “found guilty of fielding an ineligible player shall forfeit the match in question” and “victory and the resultant 3 points will be awarded to the opposing team”..

Unfortunately for Iraq's perfectly legitimate argument, kicking Qatar out of the finals is about as likely as kicking T&T out of the finals, and for the exact same reason.

FIFA's reasoning is that they don't think Qatar was "aware" that Emerson was ineligible, an argument that works - well, pretty much noplace, in any situation, ever.

FIFA has denied two Iraqi appeals and the case is now in the courts, but unless FIFA Executive Borad member and close Sepp Blatter ally Mohamed Bin Hammam drops dead tomorrow, it's pretty much agiven that Iraq is screwed.