Carver: "The Galaxy Cheated Us"

Seeing as how Mo Johnston has already announced that "Whining John" Carver will be Toronto's head coach next season, the latter's self-serving comments about "deserving to lose my job" and "my head is on the block" ring pretty hollow IN TODAY'S TORONTO SUN.

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While the headline "TFC Coach Puts Job on the Line" is laughable, implying that Carver is saying that if the team keeps losing he'll quit - which he most certainly is NOT saying - it's the closing item which takes today's "Canada Joke O'The Day" award:

Down there below all the "poor, poor, pitiful me" (Linda Ronstadt, 1977) garbage - "the referee sent me off for clapping" is his latest gross abuse of the truth - way down at the bottom is a brand new edition of "The Carlos Ruiz Story"

It seems Carlos has an injured knee and had to skip practice yesterday to go get an MRI.

(If one was truly churlish one would note that Carver gave them Monday off, which would have been a splendid time to go have his knee looked at but Carlos - ever a fan of practice - waited until Tuesday).

But here's the thing:

He hurt it "while playing for Los Angeles".

In fact, he told those Galaxy bastards that his knee was hurt and they told him to quit being such a baby.

So Ruiz, as has always been his wont, bravely soldiered on.

As Carver tells it "(Carlos) told me he reported the injury to Galaxy officials but they insisted he play on."

And The Sun, to make certain everyone gets the point about TFC having the wool pulled over their eyes, says:

It is unlikely that TFC boss Mo Johnston would have obtained Ruiz if he had been aware of the injury.

Now someone can (and undoubtedly will) correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought everyone knew he'd had some problems with the knee this year.

Furthermore, excuse me Senor Ruiz but you went off and played some games with your national team in between your last game with LA and your first game with TFC.

If you have a bum knee, why did you report to the Guats?

And in any case, doesn't the receiving team have an obligation to get, you know, a physical on a guy they're trading for?

On the other hand, maybe Mo felt that since he wasn't giving up much of anything for Ruiz it wasn't worth the trouble.

Mostly though, this smacks of just more excuse making from the Frostbite Boys, kind of like blaming the loss of "nine starters" for international duty for losing to Chivas, which would have been more convincing if they'd beaten ANYBODY except the Rapids since mid-May.

But then the Sun leads the way in creating fantasies to cover the shortcomings of their beloved Battlers of BEEMO; just yesterday they published an article accusing Columbus fans of orchestrating an anti-Toronto hate campaign with the league.

And so it goes....

* I want to mention that credit for yesterday's Hitlerian Rant is entirely due to BS's own TrickHog. I earnestly tried to source it, got nowhere and figured someone would let me know, which a couple of someones duly did. The reference to HardHatMike was simply an acknowledgment of where I got the link.