Some Gotta Win, Some Gotta Lose

Although some people are still arguing about the math, MLS has confirmed that the Columbus Crew has in fact qualified for the playoffs ending a three year drought.

On the other hand, atleast one team is staring down the barrel of a similar dry spell, and their fans are not happy about it (not safe for work):

(Hat tip to HardHatMike)

Of course, as we all know, the Gals did get the win on Saturday, an event which HAS NOT GONE UNNOTICED OVERSEAS.

On the other hand, when a headline reads "Galaxy Win a Game!" you know you've got some things to prove.

Meanwhile, in London, Ontario, they're literally shouting Hallelujah over the founding of their own PDL team.

SWALLOWING MORE KOOL-AID THAN EVEN FRANK MARCOS WOULD SUGGEST, they cite the USL's favorite statistic: that "39 of the 56 players drafted" in the 2009 Superdraft played in the PDL.

Which is of course true. It's also true that 39 of the 56 drafted players ate lunch, called their Moms on Mother's day and eat pizza on Saturday night.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a huge fan of PDL and think it fills a vital gap by giving college players a place to work over the summer without losing their eligibility.

But in a lot of cases, the thing gets way over sold. Potential draftees end up playing in the PDL over the summer because there aren't a ton of other options, but the oft-repeated claim that PDL "develops" professionals has always been a pretty big stretch.

Another day, another Euro-Star talking about moving on to MLS.

This time it's NIKOLAS ANELKA who wants everyone to believe that he's on the verge of sitting down with Ivan Gazidis and working out a deal.

Don Garber should figure out a way to charge these guys for this meaningless twaddle.

Not to be outdone by EA Sports, the guys at Pro Evolution Soccer are offering A FREE DEMO DOWNLOAD of their newest edition.

Now if anyone thinks I'm brave enough to get into the relative merits of the two games, they're nuts. I'd rather do a Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer than get between soccer game aficionados.

But I will note that while the FIFA 2008 demo was universally available, the PES 2008 tryout can't be downloaded in the US.