I'll miss you, Landon

Because, seriously, he's out. First Jozy Out-the-door, now Landon Gone-again.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting what he's saying.

It isn't necessarily a given that he's leaving MLS again.

It isn't like he's gotten sick of California overnight, is it?

I guess Bianca's going to leave "Rules of Engagement" for "Sprockets" or something.

Fans of the other fifteen teams are screaming "good riddance!" (Seattle and Philadelphia count here), but even Galaxy fans have to understand their role here. He's not going to be screwing around in the reserves anymore, vagaries of Big Five leagues notwithstanding. He may fall between two stools - too good for MLS, not good enough for European stardom - but he has absolutely nothing left to prove at home.

So what will the Galaxy do without him? Lose. A lot. By the way, Crew fans - I really am waffling back and forth on Schelotto v. Donovan for MVP, despite my partisanship. I am willing to admit that if the Galaxy don't get a playoff spot, then it goes to Schelotto more or less by default. Also, Donovan or Schelotto both have outside but tangible chances to set single-season records in goals or assists, and such a milestone would pretty much end the argument right there, too. (Probably Schelotto's achievement so far is more impressive. GBS has 18 assists right now, 20 would be good enough for second all-time. The record is 26, by Valderrama.)

But if the argument is who is the best player in the league - sorry, it's Donovan. In the spirit of fairness, I blew this call big last year, preferring Emilio over Angel. (Hey, it's not like my vote counted.)

The other way the Galaxy make the playoffs, according to angry fans, is the league letting David Beckham do whatever he wants. Fans were outraged over Terry Vaughn red-carding Marc Burch. Couple of bits of perspective:

1. Vaughn also red-carded Shalrie Joseph (well, technically, second-yellowed) the other week for slapping the ball out of Blanco's hands. Vaughn's not the most predictable whistle out there.

2. A real MLS/Vaughn/Beckham conspiracy would have seen Boise* Khumalo red-carded early in the first half, with the Galaxy down 1-0, for a laughably cynical foul that wasn't even whistled. That said, I expected Beckham to be tossed for showing up Vaughn for minutes afterward. The only possible way to justify him staying is, well, Becks does have the armband, and can address the ref...but yeah, that's bringing the game into disrepute. But that non-barking dog should end the fixed-league speculation right there. That, and the Galaxy still in full-moon last place.

3. I'm surprised DC fans aren't all over Sean Franklin's case for cheap-shotting Crayton early in the match. I still think Franklin is your default Rookie of the Year at this point, but man, I winced there.

4. But Burch cheap-shotted Beckham, too. Yellow instead of a red? Fine, but what was Marc expecting from that play, a MacArthur Genius Grant? You put your fate and your team's fate in the hands of the ref, you deserve what you get.

5. If you want to mentally take away one goal from Donovan based on Buddle being offside on the garbage time goal, yeah, that's fine. (But add four or five based on Donovan not getting to play against the Galaxy defense this year.)

6. Look, Donovan was freaking Godzilla out there. I hate to rip off Bill Simmons, but this was a No Effin' Way game, like Zidane against Brazil or Clint Mathis playing against Dallas. Donovan was equal parts sorcerer, scientist, and sadist that night. Complain about calls for the sake of improving refereeing standards, but this was....

Got it. This was MLS Cup 1999. Should Roy Lassiter have seen red for breaking Robin Fraser's collarbone? I will go to my grave saying so. I will also have to admit to my grave that it wouldn't have mattered, because Ben Olsen was going to win that game even if it were seven on sixteen. When the matchup is windshield v. bug, the bug doesn't get to complain that the car is speeding.

*Nope, don't care