Monday Morning Officiating

OK, I'll grant you that these things are much easier to diagnose with the benefit of replays.

That being a given, let's watch the incident which got Marc Burch sent off on Saturday:


Think what you want about the guy, but Beckham's reaction is pure class.

Stephen Goff has some PITHY COMMENTS FROM THE PLAYERS which make it clear that, among the other terrible calls the officiating crew made in that match - including theawful non-call on Donovan's last "goal" when he was way, way offside - this one was simply wrong:

When Vaughn showed the red card, "the Galaxy [coaching] staff looked at me and had no answers; it's just a soft card. It was terrible," United Coach Tom Soehn said. "We all saw it: It was an absolute travesty."

One hopes the league has the common sense not to fine Soehn for the "travesty" remark.

Sadly, common sense seems to be in short supply at MLS HQ at the moment.

As for Beckham, I don't think Terry Vaughn needs to wonder about using him as a job reference:

One suspects, however, that as Landon Donovan is having MLS POTW bestowed upon him by the increasingly in-the-bag American soccer media, he won't have a lot to say about Terry and the Pirates: