TNF: MLS Cup Preview? (CLB-NY partial R)

Will this be an MLS Cup preview? And what's love got to do with it? See, a Tina Turner reference, because...Ike is gone. Never mind. The last couple of TNFs kicked off at what was for me a convenient hour, so this week I forgot to set the tape. Also, doing a preview at around halftime is its own special kind of pointless. Nevertheless. Spoiler shield:

Dave Van Den Bergh was getting very close to "so underrated he's overrated" territory, and so naturally I thought with him off being hernia buddies with Marcelo Gallardo, the Red Bulls were going to get slapped. Well, so far, it turns out that Angel and Rojas can still play. And, apparently, GBS can't, at least not tonight, so there went that prediction.

I was honest to God about to type "But no way the Crew gets shut out at home, no way" when my hero Frankie Hejduk comes through for me. He could have waited until the second half, by which I hope to have this preview done, then I would have looked great. Or as great as a second half preview was ever going to look.

Well, I was wrong to scoff at the idea that Osorio could bring in a bunch of players and turn the team around. The Red Bulls, even without Dave, are a Perfectly Acceptable Soccer Team right now. I'm not a huge fan of their defense, and Cichero alone isn't going to get Red Bulls out of the East...not if he keeps getting cards at a Branco rate, certainly. But they're more than good enough to get out of the West, especially because they'll face Houston in a home-and-home instead of single elimination.

Anyway, 1-1 at the half. Red Bulls fans not necessarily thrilled by their defense, either...including Rojas, the guy I talked up. Oops. The Crew equivalent is a Trappist monastery, either because Crew fans are at the game or they don't have electricity. Freaking Amish.