Kandji to Red Bulls Deal Approved

A few weeks ago MLS refused to allow NYRB to spend $200,000 of their own money on the Senegalese/Gambian hitter, claiming they didn't want to set "a precedent" of paying that large a sum for a USL 1 player.

There are conflicting reports as to just what the deal finally came down to.

One claims that the Silverbacks will receive a $25,000 "loan fee" for the remainder of the 2008 season and, if Kandji works out for them, NYRB will then cough up another $150,000 "fee" to Atlanta.

Another says that the initial payment of $25,000 will be followed by another $75,000 if they decide to keep him.

Two things are certain:

Kandji will get his chance to move up a weight class, and we'll never really know for sure how much the league is paying for him.

Sensei Preki made a couple last minute moves yesterday to try and shore up his woefully ailing-but-somehow-still-in-the-hunt CobraKai Dojo side by purchasing veteran middie Sasha Victorine for Kansas City for cash and signing a 31 year old Brazilian guy named Dejair.

Chivas, tied with Colorado on 30 points, needs to try and put a little daylight between themselves and the rest of the division in the race for the third - and likely last - playoff spot that will go to the Western Conference.

Currently only four points separate the bottom four teams and time is quickly running out.

Still, you have to say that trying to out distance the Rapids and LA is a somewhat less daunting task than the one facing Kansas City:

Trying to pick up four points on DC down the stretch.

Not that they're not trying, having picked up Herculez Gomez from Colorado and Abe Thompson from FC Dallas for the purpose.

But talented, veteran sides like The District, even as they're trying to find their stride, don't rattle easily in a tight playoff race.

Still, the schedule seems to favor the Wizards, if for no other reason than DC is about to embark on some CONCACAF matches while KC is free to focus on the task at hand.

But after Toronto's visit this weekend, they finish with the Fire, the suddenly scary Earthquakes and New England twice.

I think I'd rather take my chances with Saprissa.