Keane: Warner is a "Clown"

I suppose it was unrealistic to expect someone like Roy Keane to simply shrug off Jack Warner's poison pen letter, but earlier today Keano LET LOOSE WITH BOTH BARRELS.

Apparently, nobody told Roy that you're supposed to bow and scrape and quiver when Jack Warner starts to roar.

Then again, with Keane, it wouldn't have done any good anyway.

Keane asks why, if Warner is writing on behalf of Trinidad & Tobago, he sent the letter on FIFA stationery.

Of course there are two answers to this: one, Warner holds no official position within the T&T Football Association and thus really has no business writing under their imprimatur and two, FIFA letterhead is a lot more effective when what you're really doing is threatening England, not Roy Keane.

Apparently, Keane was so incensed that he called Warner on the phone yesterday, a call that many of us would pay a princely sum to have a recording of.

As for Yorke himself, Keane makes the same point that several commenters made yesterday on this blog, ie. that Keane really can't withhold players from national teams on FIFA mandated days.

Then he goes on to make the other obvious point:

'(Yorke) is 36, and if they are depending on a 36-year-old to get them through to the World Cup in two years...'

And in another comment sure to go over big with Warner, Keane says

'He’s on about small countries, but he’s probably a small man and he’s got a small man syndrome

I expect Warner will want to take this out on England, which he's never liked anyway. Perhaps Sir Richard Triesman will be forced to don a clown suit and entertain the kids at his granddaughter's birthday party.

Or maybe climb up on a table, do a Marky-Mark with his pants and sing "I'm a Little Teapot"

This is really getting good.