TNF: Wow, what a crucial showdown - oh, wait, CHI means Chivas, not Chicago

I've been trying to figure out why I've been so angry at the New England Revolution recently. I hated the way they tanked the US Open Cup - DC United is a worthy winner, I'll be the first to get on board with that, but the history of the competition, and Revolution fans, deserved a better showing. And while I'm reasonably sure they're not tanking the regular season, I can't prove they're not. They got to MLS Cup without three years running without winning the regular season Eastern Conference title, after all. But it's a false premise that to win MLS Cup, it helps to blow off everything else. The San Jose-Houston dynasty has only won a trophy a year for years now, but while triples are unheard of, doubles are not. And no, the Supporters Shield is not cursed, no matter what Floridians and Northern Californians and DC residents tell you.

And I think everyone is sick of hearing about Joe Public.

Maybe I'm simply being unfair, and the Revolution have legitimately hit the wall. Does it do anyone any good at this point to say "Serves them right for taking the Superliga seriously"? It does not.

Fortunately for New England, and for people who love them, and for people who hate Chivas USA, their opponents tonight are equally gassed from the rigors of professional soccer in America.* New England, 2-1.

*I realize I'm getting off topic, but how quickly would coaches and players repent aligning with the FIFA calendar if it meant games in March snow and November rain (complete with fake-sounding synthesizer strings...sorry, out of date GNR reference)? I suppose we'll find out next season.