US v. TT: Paper Lace or Deep Dish?

Remind me if we ever play Jamaica in Chicago to use the title "Al Capone - Guns Don't Argue!"

Hey, Shaka! Whatcha gonna write about tomorrow, huh? Gonna write about tonight's game? Here, lemme help ya get started: "Last night in Chicago, Uncle Sam put a red, white and blue BOOT in our ass!" U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! By the way, why do you call it soca instead of footba?

When last we saw Trinidad, their World Cup heroes were facing down Jack Warner for their rightful bonuses. The players, improbably, won, which means that Hislop and his now-former teammates have more intestinal fortitude than, to pick a couple of examples entirely at random, Sunil Gulati, Sepp Blatter, and Sir Richard Treisman. But you know that, because you've been reading Bill.

I, on the other hand, have been reading the US Men forums here on the site, as well as Jeff Carlisle on Soccernet. We demand a stylish blowout. So let it be written. So let it be done.

The comedy option is an ugly, uninspired 1-0 win, preferably on botched (thanks for the correction) penalty call. Come on, admit it - you want to read the arguments between "We're unbeaten, untied, unscored on and on top of the group" and "But we SUCK!" as much as I do.

The odds of an outright loss are microscopic, for a number of reasons. Primarily, we're a much better team, no matter how much some of the callups make you and I wince. Hey, Steve Cherundolo is available, YAY! Trinidad is STILL calling in Dwight Yorke, one of the best players in the history of CONCACAF whose peak was, lamentably, during the Clinton Administration.

Besides, the US Soccer site reminds us that the Yaks have only lost once at home in qualifying since the 1990 World Cup cycle (okay, we didn't have to qualify for 1994, but still). Not only was I at that single loss, I flew across the country for it. Honduras, Washington DC, and unless I misremember it was a freaking 10 a.m. kickoff. Since it's a night game I will watch on tape, the US should be fine.

What most of us will be doing is putting certain players under the microscope. Du Nord called out DaMarcus, Michael and Edu from the Cuba game, and it's hard to argue with those choices. But the guy I'd really want to see break out is a forward-mid out of the Inland Empire called Landon or Brandon something-or-other. Some of you might not have heard of him, since he didn't play NCAA ball. He's not that big, but from what I've read he has some real potential.