Oh, I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration?

Good piece this morning from Jesse Baumgartner; it's PART OF AN INTERVIEW with U-17/Bradenton keeper Spencer Richey, who's talking about the team's recent trip to Central America:

And he sent one player off the field against Guatemala....because he had a hole in his sock (two minutes left in the game), and so when we had 10 players they scored to tie it up … and they made another of the of the players come off because his sliders didn’t match his shorts, ....And they scored when we had 10 guys then too … that’s why we go on the trips, is just to get frustrated. I mean fans are spitting on you…

Part of the Bradenton experience is learning to deal with the crap. Nobody much spits on you at Dallas Cup or Disney or the Raleigh Shootout.

CONCACAF is a back alley knife fight at all levels, and the sooner the kids find that out and get used to it, the better for everybody. The USSF plays by Marquis of Queensbury rules, as we should, but not much of anybody else bothers, and that's OK. Makes it more interesting.

Is Dallas having some problems meeting Kenny Cooper's wage demands? That seems to be the thrust of THIS REPORT FROM RIDGE MAHONEY. As a Hunt Sports Group team, BurnFC throws nickels around like manhole covers, and while Cooper may feel that "DP money" is what he's worth, one has to suspect that HSG has a somewhat lower figure in mind.

Somebody who may have a little more leverage is Sigi Schmid, who started the season as one of the prime candidates for mid-season unemployment but is now probably the leading candidate for Coach of the Year.

His contract is up after this season, and he's reportedly asking for top dollar, a piece of currency which HSG isn't known for flipping over, particularly for a coach. But Sigi has an ace up his XXXXL sleeve, and that's the Seattle job, which he is reportedly in the running for.

Mrs.S hasn't moved to Columbus yet, preferring to keep her current well-paying job in LA, but reportedly she's fully vested now, is tired of the long plane flights and wants to retire and come live with the hubby. Either city is fine with her, and they'll go where they can get a long term deal for big money.

But with highly respected long time assistant Robert Warzycha having already been promised the head job whenever Sigi moves on, the Crew may not feel they need to shell out for Schmid. On the other hand, it's a tough PR sell to lose the guy who's turned the team into a winner again, brought back the crowds and changed the whole tone of the operation.

Egg On My Face Department:

Most of us have experienced the embarrassment of showing up a bit underdressed for the occasion, but then most of us aren't Sepp Blatter. Thank goodness.

Apparently, he didn't get the memo that Jack Warner's little Dinner Dance the other night was black tie.

Jack is undoubtedly too much of a gentleman to have mentioned it, I'm sure, and in any case when somebody SHOWS UP WITH A $400,000 "GIFT" it's generally considered bad form to complain about his wardrobe choices.

Of course, as I've pointed out before, since 2000 FIFA has spent $22 million on infrastructure in T&T while half the CFU never gets a home qualifier because they don't have a decent pitch, but Jack graciously accepted the money anyway. That's just the kind of guy he is.

Can't imagine why it caught my eye but the T&T professional league, featuring the now-legendary Joe Public, and benevolently ruled by CONCACAF Supremo Jack Warner, DOESN'T TAKE FIFA DATES OFF FROM LEAGUE PLAY

No word on whether John Carver finds this "embarrassing" or not, but clearly Warner doesn't have a problem with it. Go figure.

DC United's "Hall of Tradition" will induct one of two candidates this year: Jeff Agoos or Ritchie Williams.

Personally, I'm rooting for Williams, if for no other reason than there's an entire generation of American soccer fans who aren't familiar with the term ABMOD.

In other District of Columbia United news, they'll BE HONORING THE 1998 DCU TEAM at RFK this weekend.

Jeez, but I hated those guys.

Was that the best team MLS ever put out on a field? Yeah, probably, but you'll never catch me admitting it.

Good news for yours truly: TORONTO FC HAS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY"RE KEEPING JOHN CARVER for another year.

As someone recently wrote to me, the guy just keeps providing me with material. Without him I'd actually have to work at this.

Thanks Mo.

The new Women's Professional Soccer league has surveyed WNT members as to which team they'd like to be assigned to.

Unsurprisingly, Lori Chalupny asked to be allocated to St. Louis and, just as unsurprisingly, St. Louis says they'd really, really like to have her.

Other known requests are Heather Mitts, who listed LA, Chicago and Boston in that order, Christie Rampone and Heather O'Reilly (NY/NJY) and Carli Lloyd (Chicago, Washington)

Official allocations will be announced September 15.