I'm with Leather

Fabian Espindola scored a goal that was called back for offside, ran fifty yards and broke his ankle on a goal celebration.

Now would be a grand time for the other thirteen teams to make RSL an offer for a useful, if STUPID, player. He'll be back in time for the playoffs, after all.

I'm not advocating that MLS become the No Fun League, but the best kind of goal celebration is where you go back to the center circle and wait for the other team to kick off. The kind of celebration that says "I've scored before...and I'll score again." Act like you've been there. Yes, I realize this is what Chris Berman thinks touchdown celebrations should be like. Doesn't mean he's wrong.

Anyway, thanks, Fabian. Sure cheered me up after watching my SuperClub fall to last place.

What's the difference between parenthood and watching New England in an important game? Well, yesterday my daughter cried, fell asleep, and crapped her pants. So there's basically no difference.