This is it, the Night of Nights

Well, the day we've all been looking forward to has finally arrived.

Today, the entire football world is traveling to Trinidad & Tobago to pay homage to Austin Jack Warner.

Tonight in Sepp Blatter Hall, the largest room in the Joao Havelange Center of Excellence, Sepp Blatter, Joao Havelange and everyone else from Michael Platini to Pele to - well, to anybody who's anybody - will break bread together at the T & T Football Federation Centennial Dinner.

Of course English FA chairman Lord David Trieman will be there, serving penance for his "insulting" Warner by not attending the England-T&T match this Spring.

Anybody want to lay odds on where Sunil Gulati will be eating tonight?

(Presumably not in attendance will be the head of the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland FA's which Warner has been trying for 20 years to have abolished, thus making more room for Grenada, Antigua and St. Kitts, apparently)

The main topic of the evening's speeches will of course be what a great human being, visionary and humanitarian Jack Warner is. We know this because, frankly, the subject of T & T football's 100 years of glory takes about two minutes to summarize.

It's just a shame that Andy Mead is busy wandering around a Classic Car museum when just a couple islands over the entire glitterati of world football will be dining and dancing and heaping praise on our friend Jack.

(Just so you'll know, the Sepp Blatter Hall actually seats 1000, so to accommodate all 1200 guests they will open up the Guillermo Canaedo Hall which will include Michelle Akers Court and the Jacques Rugard Mezzanine, providing all attendees with a splendid view of the Garden Sanctuary, which will be the site of the pre-dinner cocktail sloshing and foot kissing events.

I only wish the management here would increase my travel budget from it's current level - ie. zero - to allow me the chance to go do a sort of "Red Carpet" deal with the guests as they exit their limos.

Hopefully the FIFA Executives will have the good taste to leave their rented girlfriends back at the hotel.