Down and Out

If you're looking for a silver lining to the public thrashing Joe Public laid on the New England revolution - you're looking in the wrong place.

Shaka Hislop passes along some depressing information/salt-in-the-wound in HIS GUARDIAN COLUMN today.

Amidst his overall trashing of MLS, he points out that Joe Public, a team even younger than the Revs (and MLS), currently stands sixth in the T&T professional league, has a losing record in said league and carries a wage bill of around US$200,000, which is less than one-tenth of the MLS per-team salary cap.

And since that amount covers a 20 player roster, that means that the average JPFC player salary is - well, you do the math.

It should be noted though that Hislop had a somewhat less lucid column a week ago, wherein he COMPARED THE CAREERS AND FATES of Ruud Gullit and John Carver and concludes that the latter has been a huge success in Toronto, making TFC "one of the stars of MLS this season"

This would be the same TFC that put their vaunted "9 internationals" (which would have been ten if the league hadn't dealt Maurice Edu) on the pitch against a desperately shorthanded Chivas USA team last weekend and lost.

Carver of course is furious that his request to postpone this weekend's return match against the Cobra Kai Dojo because he'll be missing nine players to international duty was summarily rejected by the league.

(Apparently he actually thought that might happen. Really.)

He says it's an insult to the team's fans to field a bunch of bums in a league game.

Personally, if I were one of those "fans" my main question would be how John Carver can take all those "internationals" out against a team as desperate as Chivas is right now and lose, and how this power-packed team full of internationals is looking more and more like outsiders in the playoff picture.


"To be honest, we played on Saturday with what was probably our strongest team of the season and we were dreadful"

I would think "the stars of MLS this season" ought to be able to do a bit better. But maybe it's just me.

Carver's problems were compounded this week (as if) by the defection of Canadian midfielder Tyler Hemming, who ASKED TO BE RELEASED BECAUSE HE WASN"T PLAYING

It seems odd that a guy wants to quit the week before he finally stands a god chance of actually playing, but that's the kind of year that Whining John is having.

Speaking of this weekend's WC qualifiers, Mexico is having everything their own way right now.

Hurricane Gustav apparently did enough damage to the pitch in Jamaica that the Mexi-Reggae Boyz match had to be moved to Mexico City.

Which means that the Tri, heading what they're calling "The Group of Death" (a phrase which is used and abused worse than a bus station hooker) gets to start the round with three straight games at home (they'll meet Canada Sept 10 in Chiapas; apparently they didn't think that taking the game out of the Azteca was running much of a risk)

Jamaican coach Rene Simoes is having a tough time this week keeping Mexico out of his practices.

Mexican "journalists" keep SHOWING UP WITH VIDEO CAMERAS which Simoes suspects aren't just gathering background clips for the Eleven O'Clock Report from Tijuana.

What a suspicious type he is.