One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)

Josh owns Open Cup coverage. Read that to get yourself situated. You'll get this kind of tidbit few other places:

MLSnet actually plays up the inter-league aspect - has it been ten years since the Rhinos won the Cup? And has it really been that long since any USL team made it to the Final? I suppose it has. Feels like Seattle made it a couple of times, but nope. I'm a little surprised that MLSnet is taking this tack, but they need to get some league pride after last night's (totally hacky joke ahead) Public humilation. And has DC only won the Cup once?

USL Soccer's lead story is...the W-League combine for WPS? Are you freaking kidding me? Showcasing a combine that is going to strip-mine the best players from their league? Okay, there's got to be more to this story. But, this is Open Cup Final Day, so it'll have to wait. I'll put Captain No-Follow Up on it.

According to the C-Bats site, Lazo Alavanja wants revenge on his old club. Also, that's what's become of Mark Watson.

Dave Lifton is gonna liveblog it.

The DCenters are shaking their heads over New England and CUSA's losses last night. If the Battery does the business tonight, pretty sure Blue Blooded Journo and Tifosi and the not inconsiderable New England internet community will cheerfully return the favor.

Behind the Badger has even more links, and the cute slogan "Because, frankly, 11 trophies is not enough." As long as they're being frank.

My thoughts?

Um...hell, I can't figure out DC United this year to save my freaking life. If this game were at Blackbaud, I'd tell you to get ready for a lot of "Battery to MLS!" posts tonight and tomorrow. The Bats are the best American team in the USL right now, but that's only best for third in USL-1, and they stunk up August in a way only the Galaxy could envy. It's just barely possible that the Battery were more focused on another tournament this past month, though. The safe pick is DC 2-0, so that's what I'm going to go with. How much bad ju-ju can MLS have in one week, after all?