Just What Jack Warner Needs: A Pile of MLS Cash

That sound you hear this morning is Jack Warner's phone ringing off the hook with calls from MLS coaches and GM's desperate to have Gregory Richardson fill a spot on their roster.

In case you were otherwise occupied last night, Mr. Richardson - nicknamed, for some unexplained reason, "Jackie Chan" singlehandedly took the Revolution apart at the seams last night, completing the Revs unceremonious crash and burn out of the CONCACAF Champions League.

It's absolutely true that Steve Nicol's side was woefully shorthanded. It's also true that shorthanded, longhanded or octopus-handed, the Revs simply had no answer for Richardson's speed or touch. Asking jay Heaps to try and cover the guy was like asking Rosie O'Donnel to take on Michael Phelps in the 100m fly.

Here, in case you were inexplicably participating in some form of normal life last night, is Mr. Richardson's evening:

In the 17th minute, he introduced himself to Mr. Reis:

(Youtube is killing me here; the clips have been up for 12 hours and they're "no longer available"? Fine then, heres the link)



Then, just before the half he put one past Reis from a ridiculous angle, making it 2-0:

Early in the second half, having gotten the defense's attention, he decided to go for the assist:

Then just to make sure you got the point:

The speechless announcers were so beside themselves that they kept calling Richardson a "Trinidadian" when in actuality he's Guyanese.

Of course, that's nothing compared to what Matt Reis was probably calling him after the guy simply de-pantsed him on national TV.

After the game the newly popular Richardson was asked if he was interested in playing in MLS. He replied that he is indeed VERY MUCH INTERESTED and says he's already talked to the Crew.

All of which, of course, has Joe Public owner jack Warner whistling a happy tune this morning.

The biggest problem, aside from a price, is what to give Toronto in return for his rights, since the new "TFC owns All Players in the World" rule has complicated this kind of thing.

In any case, Jack Warner has never been particularly conflicted by the fact that while he dislikes white people he very much loves their money, and it appears that sooner rather than later Major League Soccer is going to be sending along a handsome check indeed.