I thought I Could Write Pure Baloney...

...but someplace there's a Media guy WHO HAS PUT ME TO SHAME:

A new interactive sports lifestyle debuts Sept. 16, 2008, with the formal introduction of the Xtreme Soccer League and the Xtreme Soccer Xperience.

More than an indoor soccer league, the XSX is an energetic and innovative 12-month experience built around skilled soccer professionals, entertainment and fan participation - both live and online.

"It took us only a short time to fully appreciate the impact this lifestyle brand has, and we are elated to be at the forefront of the Xtreme Soccer platform," said Jeffrey Vanderbeek, co-owner with Michael Gilfillan of the New Jersey Ironmen.

Dear Sweet Mother of God, what a crock of crap.

"Lifestyle brand"? "energetic and innovative 12 month experience"? (and shouldn't it have been "xperience"?). "interactive sports lifestyle"? Hello? Earth to PR flacks.

Look, if you want to re-launch a professional indoor league, great. It seems much easier to just empty out your bank account, take the cash out back of the house and set it on fire, but that's your business.

But to issue a pile of rubbish like this buzzword-filled xercise in xcrement is nothing but xtremely annoying.

Carlos Ruiz had a talk with reporters the other day which shed little light on his situation but does INCLUDE THE STARTLING NEWS that among the other teams vying for his services was "Cleveland".

Now I realize that the Cavaliers could use an outside shooter to take some of the pressure off of LeBron, but I'm not sure they really want someone who does it with his foot.

In any case, if second and third round supplemental draft picks was the better deal, what did the Cavs offer: a bucket of spit?

Maurice Edu has been in Great Britain all of about 20 minutes now and already he's reached one major milestone:

THE PRESS HAS DISTORTED SOMETHING HE SAID in an effort to make him look like an idiot.

The headline reads: "Naive Keano Wannabe Edu Warned over Celtic Clash" which is, to say the least, a pretty big stretch when compared to what he actually said.

If he's around there any length of time, then surely Edu will quickly learn that the best way to keep the British sporting press from kicking you around like this is simply not to talk to them.