MLS Blocks Kandji Acquisition - UPDATED

Ives Galarcep is reporting that Major League Soccer IS REFUSING TO ALLOW New York Red Bulls to pay the Atlanta Silverbacks the $200,000 asking price for forward Macoumba Kandji, who I featured IN A POST TWO DAYS AGO.

Reportedly, the league feels that paying that much money to a USL1 team would set a "bad precedent"

This is a league which wants everyone to take them seriously as a "major league" but insists on pulling petty stuff like this.

Either the player is worth the money or he's not.

If he is, and if a team wants to spend their own money to get him, what possible difference does it make where he currently plays?

How long are the owners going to sit around and take this high-handed, arbitrary, small-minded, childish kind of decision from the clowns they employ to run their league?

Once his immigration status is cleared up, there is a long line of European clubs who'll think $200,000 for a lightning-quick, 6'4" forward who's as strong as an ox and has an incredibly soft touch is a no-brainer.

Simply outrageous.


Brian Lewis at the New York Post is saying that MLS DENIES KILLING THE DEAL.

Apparently something or someone killed it though since NYRB are still shopping.