The House That Jack Built

Be sure to tune in to FSC tonight at 8PM to watch the Revolution take on the club with the greatest club name in the hemisphere: Joe Public.

What some of you may not know is that JPFC is wholly owned by our good friend and CONCACAF Supremo Jack Warner.

What's more, the stadium they will be playing in, Marvin Lee Stadium (NOT Lee Marvin Stadium) is part of the $22 million Joao Havelage Center of Excellence.

Named after Sepp Blatter's predecessor, the funds for the JHCoE came from the entire FIFA development grant allocation for the Caribbean region for five years.

About half the teams in the CFC have to play their national team games in the US or someplace else because they don't have a FIF approved pitch.

The money that was supposed to build them FIFA caliber football stadiums went into Jack's palace instead.

It still wasn't enough though, so Warner had to sign a note for another $8 million. Two years later, when he hadn't paid one red cent on the debt, FIFA quietly wrote the bank a check for the full amount.

It's nice to have friends.

The place was resurfaced with FieldTurf just last year thanks to another $8 million from FIFA. Astonishing what 35 votes will get you.

One other fact about Marvin Lee Stadium which they won't likely mention tonight:

It was named for a T&T defender who sustained head and neck injuries suffered in a collision with Landon Donovan a U-20 match.

He was left paralyzed after the incident and died a couple years later due to his generally weakened paralytic state.

And if by some lucky chance you're in Macoya this evening and want to catch the game, there's a small dive shop just up the street that's owned by Jack Warner's son Daryan.

It's well known that you can always buy tickets for any game there. Bring cash.