Where's Carlos?

If there was a "Headline of the Day" contest around here, then certainly "Surly Internationals Hurting TFC" would rank pretty highly on this particular Monday.

According to THIS ARTICLE OUT OF CANADA TODAY Carlos Ruiz has spent the last week playing hide-and-seek with Toronto FC and MLS HQ.

Seems Carlos - for whatever reason - simply refused to return anybody's phone calls. Or maybe he just forgot his charger. Who can say?

Now presumably he knows about the trade, possibly through his agent, because he's reportedly in Los Angeles where he had ONE OR TWO THINGS TO SORT OUT which is why he couldn't get to Toronto in time for Saturday's game.

One can only speculate as to what Ruiz is "sorting out" out there. Paying the paperboy? Getting the phone shut off? Filing a change of address with the Post Office?

But here's the thing:

Several US Olympic Team players, Robbie Rogers for example, flew HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD and actually put in some minutes 48 hours after the US bombed out of the games.

These guys were probably so blown they couldn't have told you what day it was but they showed up for work because it's their job.

Conversely, guys like Ruiz - and, according to the writer, Guevara - wander back from international duty after having spent a few days in roughly the same time zone as their club team and it takes them a week to show up.

For now, John Carver is putting on his Happy Face, but we all know there's a real limit to how long he's going to put up with this kind of attitude.

I cannot conceive what Mo Johnston was thinking with this deal. Sure, Ruiz cost next to nothing, but the whole thing smells of desperation.

And it's interesting to recall that Johnston passed after the first round of the Supplemental Draft this year, so the fact that he traded second and third round Suppy picks for Ruiz means he gave up something he feels has no value at all.

Sort of like belly button lint. Or a bag of hair.

Which was probably about all he was willing to give up and it's STILL more than anybody else offered.

Are you paying attention, Carlos? No, probably not.

The next question is this:

When Ruiz does finally show up, will they wish he hadn't?