TNFtermath: MLS Party

It looks like ESPN has given up on all this "soccer" nonsense and is broadcasting the fun from the Home Depot Center Stadium Club. Boy, Landon was getting NOWHERE with that chick to his right last night. Trust me, I can read body language. No sale, Landon!

It LOOKED like Steve Cronin nearly threw the ball into his own net in the first half, which would have been the capstone to a perfect season, but I choose to believe he was faking a throw and spiked it at his feet, utterly in control. Shep and Adrian (it was weird hearing them call a Galaxy game) advanced the theory that Cronin will be a much better keeper for having been shelled all year, Messing actually bringing up the 2005 Guzan comparison. Shep was a great keeper and ought to know, right?

Did anyone expect Claudio Reyna, after Rob Stone introduced him as "Captain America, now leading our broadcast" or words to that effect, to immediately fall off his chair and get wheeled out of the studio, never to appear again this year? No? Nobody did? You all treated Reyna with the respect he deserves as one of our greatest players? Good. Very good. I was just testing you.

Was this game more interesting from the Fire point of view? Luis Arroyave came up with five things - oh, right, Justin Mapp. Yeah, the Fire may look good in comparison to Los Angeles semipro teams, but they've got their own problems. The New England game still strikes me much more of an outlier than a trend, if only because Chicago doesn't get to play eleven on ten that much. Cuauhtemoc "The Human Breathalyzer" Blanco (nickname courtesy of Kenn) has been nearly as absent as David Beckham in recent games. Three points is three points, but their next games are at Houston and home to New and Improved York. Could be a significant roadblock...

...except after that are three games in a row against Western Conference dingdongs. Chicago doesn't have to get good again until October. If you enjoyed last night's game, same two teams on Thursday, September 25th!