Flub over country

Big, big makeup games in hand for MLS.

You know. MLS. It stands for "Major League Soccer." One of the conditions of FIFA granting the 1994 World Cup to the United States was that the USSF establish a professional league...never mind, I'll fill you in later. The point is, these games in hand are pretty gosh-darn crucial to the league's standings. So you can see why the league went to so much trouble to make sure that no important players would be missing for tonight's games. Well, apart from Ivan Guerrero.

In the rock-scissors-paper that is the East, DC beats New England. At least, that's the way it's been since the 2006 Eastern Conference championship game. New England is could really use a victory to get out of this mini-tailspin they're in. DC is so freaking schizoid, though. Just when it looked like New York had completely exposed them as frauds, they catch Chicago at the right time - again - and now have New England on their heels. What's really strange is New England's mediocre home record. It's not as if the Revolution are in trouble - that weekend game in Toronto doesn't look nearly as intimidating as it did a month or two ago - but I''ve got no confidence in New England tonight. 1-1.

MLSnet, sum it up for us, won't you?

Can you imagine what an ass-kicking this would be if it weren't for qualifiers? In any case, Houston missing three very important players SHOULD be more than balanced out by Bizarro Chivas missing pretty much everyone. Let's say Galindo, Eskandarian and/or Razov are all back...who gets the ball to them, without Marsch and Kljestan? I think nobody will, is what I think. I'm going to make the safe, easy, Dynamo 2-0 pick.