Clavijo Out at Colorado

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Fernando Clavijo has BEEN LET GO/LEFT FOR PERSONAL REASONS/OTHER as of today.

While he has indeed been dealing with an undisclosed "family situation" in Uruguay recently, it's also true that club management met with him a week or so ago and made it clear that something had to change.

Clavijo reportedly expected to be fired at that meeting and was surprised that he was going to be kept on until the end of the year, when his contract was due to expire.

New York Red Bulls Managing Director Erik Stover has announced that the now on-track stadium being built in Harrison will be called RED BULL ARENA rather than Red Bull Stadium, for some reason or other.

I can't think of another outdoor venue in the US which is referred to as an "arena" but hey, it's their money.

I am indebted to loyal BigSoccer member CLG431 for the legwork in digging up some quotes from earlier this year by TFC Head Coach "Whining John" Carver who, after watching his team lose had this to say about Guillermo Barros Schelotto and the Crew:

"They've come to take their time. They've come to fall over and dive all over the park, and I think that's what they did."

"Today, we (saw) a fellow professional diving all over the park. Is there anything going to be done about it?"

Fast forward to today, when Toronto FC announced the acquisition of:

Carlos Ruiz.

There's really nothing left to say.

TFC also announced the departure of former French international Laurent Robert.

Once a footballer of some repute, he has looked listless and disinterested lately, and his release is hardly a surprise. He seemed to mostly be hanging around waiting to take free kicks or something and has contributed very little of late.

Lest we forget, the guy was once an absolute marvel, with a lethal shot and a flair that could leave you gasping:


The always interesting Luis Arroyave comments today on A GREAT MATCH THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN due to MLS policy on shutting down for International dates.

He's right, of course, and it's a shame. That is indeed a match that we'd all like to see, and the league needs more of those, not fewer.

But it's also true that the league doesn't like it any better than anyone else. They'd love to change things but just don't see how it's possible at the moment.

Former US Soccer mainstay Claudio Reyna will make his broadcasting debut tomorrow evening as a guest "Pregame Analyst" prior to the MLS match on ESPN2.

It's funny, but I honestly am having trouble recalling ever hearing him speak on the air. I've probably seen postgame interviews or something, but I can't recall his voice.