Down on Rue Morgue Avenue

Once again this morning I had a lovely piece all set to post and somehow, when I had my back turned, it scurried off to some unknown corner of the interweb.

If any of you come across it, would you let me know? Thanks.

In news worthy of Ripley's Believe it or Not", they have begun actual, physical construction of the actual steel structure which will eventually become RedBull Stadium.

Considering that it's taken all this time just to dig the damn hole, their projection that the stadium will be ready by Spring seems overly optimistic, but I hope I'm wrong.

This is the stadium MLS as a whole has needed for a long time now, although DC is right behind. It's hard to "showcase" a team that's playing in a cavernous stadium on fieldturf yardage markers.

Unfortunately now that it appears that reports of the demise of les tauroux rouges may have been exaggerated - that 10 man match against TFC was a real eye-opener - comes some bad news: they may all be in danger of DROPPING OVER DEAD

In fact, some countries are actually BANNING THE STUFF.

Hey, I think "Aquafina New york" has a nice ring to it.

Good news for Dallas fans: you are now officially "Giants" of MLS.


Well it's a start.

The Norwich City news (you know, in England) has something of a correspondent in the person of some guy with the unlikely last name of Yallop.

He's a huge Darren Huckerby fan and he's chronicling his hero's exploits with the Quakers and reportedly the resulting videos are a big hit with Canaries fans, the last one receiving over 10,000 hits on YouTube.

Here's his latest:


Personally, I'd be happier if the guy didn't seem quite so determined NOT to become an Earthquakes fan, but he seems like a nice enough guy nonetheless.

Speaking of guys who refuse to play on Fieldturf, the good people who make that fine product, Fieldturf Tarkett, apparently know that they have something of an image problem what with everyone panning their pride and joy, BEEMO field.

So in the proud tradition of corporations everywhere, they did the logical thing: they went out and BOUGHT THEMSELVES SOME GOOD PRESS

Here is "MLS All Star" (apparently "MLS All Star Game Charity Selection" didn't have quite the tone they were looking for) Jim Brennan:

"I'm glad to see FieldTurf being installed in more and more major soccer stadiums because it eliminates poor playing conditions, inconsistent field spots, and unpredictable bounces. The future outlook for FieldTurf is very bright given the product's performance, built-in durability features, and success on the international stage. The recent MLS All-Star game at BMO Field proved to a lot of the league's top players that this surface is ideal for soccer."

Now let me just say up front that I'm certain those were his own personal words and not the product of the Fieldturf Tarkett PR department. I have no doubt that Big Jim has long admired Fieldturf's "built-in durability features" and it's "success on the international stage".

I just think it would have been nice if Fieldturf Yarkett hadn't been quoting Brennan on the same topic ALMOST A MONTH AGO without mentioning that Brennan is a paid endorser.

New Colorado signee Cory Gibbs is making no secret of the fact that he's not happy THAT LA LEFT HIM IN THE LURCH.

He says he's not going to "talk negatively" about the Galaxy and in the next breath complains about how "unprofessional" they were and makes no secret of the fact that he basically sees Colorado as a rehab stopover on his way back to England.

All of which sounds rather - well, "unprofessional" of him.