It's so black

Well, at least Sarachan is back as his assistant coach. Or "associate head coach," if you're AEG and are Director of Making Up New Titles. They did work together well in 2002. And at least Cobi was kept on. In other words, I'm a helpless fan, and I pretty much have to channel Spinal Tap's reaction to the redone record cover at this point. Although I do wonder if on Thursday Arena starts yet another 4-5-1, and Brian McBride gets the PTSD thousand-yard-stare.

I realize a lot of us are too cool for this, but the Goal of the Week candidates are yet another grand assortment. For all the "Thank God REAL football has started again" coming from two different directions, it's nice to see our humble little league putting some exciting highlights up now and again....except for Jeff Cunningham's, which was garbage. Look, I love the guy too, I'm glad Toronto realizes that gosh maybe he WASN'T the problem, and I pray nightly that if he doesn't get the MLS all-time mark, he at least passes Razov, but c'mon.

See, what did I tell you New York winning. Toronto is even shedding Maurice Edu, to make sure they don't inadvertently make a run at fourth place. New York's playing too well, and another couple of wins should take them out of contention. It's going right down to the wire between DC, Kansas City and Toronto. Losing Maurice might hurt Toronto too much, but it's the chance they had to take.