Leiweke and Arena: Having a "Conversation"

Just so we all get this straight AEG Sports Supremo Tim Leiweke did NOT "interview" Bruce Arena yesterday prior to accompanying him to the Galaxy - Cobra Kai "Classico" or SuperClásico or Derby/Darby or whatever-the-hell they're calling it last night.

What they had was A "CONVERSATION, most likely centering on, you know, guy stuff: cars, beer, tittles. It's just a coincidence that three days after "accepting the resignation" of his head coach Leiweke has the most famous and successful soccer coach in US history sitting next to him watching the game.

In fact, I understand they wouldn't have gone to the Galaxy match at all but they couldn't get a stageside table at The Swanky Swan Gentleman's Club so they settled for the HDC.

Fortunately, Leiweke didn't break much of a sweat denying the obvious, which is nice of him. Lying doesn't become anybody.

And the "obvious" in this case is that while Arena would clearly love to take back the DC job, if it's not available then he's going to take another MLS coaching spot.

And love him or hate him - or, like most of us, you do both at the same time - we all know that Arena's ego isn't going to let him take, say, the Colorado job that Clavijo is holding on to by his fingernails.

There are only three jobs he'd be likely to take, and one of them, New York, is a closed issue.

That leaves LA and DC, where people were sticking a fork into Tom Soehn not long ago but amazingly he doesn't seem to quite be done yet.

There's no question that it's been a frustrating year in the District, but Kevin Payne accepts that a bunch of what's happened there is beyond his coach's control.

Leiweke says an offer to Arena is a long ways off and I believe him. The Gals aren't going anywhere this season, and in any case il Bruce likely wouldn't take that job until he knows for sure whether Soehn will be retained.

As for he match itself, besides the Arena and Leiweke Boys Night Out, there was the usual collection of glitterati IN ATTENDANCE and among other things they saw their man Becks get into A POST GAME SHOVING MATCH.

I didn't see it, although I'm sure YouTube will have it up momentarily, but it was probably nothing much. Unfortunately, when you're David Beckham, even ridiculous non-stories LIKE THIS FOR EXAMPLE get reprinted all over the civilized world as if they were, you know, actual news.

But then, when you're David Beckham, and will personally be the HIGHLIGHT OF THE CLOSING CEREMONIES at an Olympics you had nothing whatever to do with, well, nothing much is surprising.

SI.com has an interview up with the hard working Sunil Gulati, conducted during a hard working luxury luncheon in Beijing.

IT's AN INTERESTING READ on a number of levels, not least of which his admission that he has te same questions about Peter Nowak's decisions as the rest of us, the difference being that he gets answers.

It's interesting to me that Gulati is more or less open about PiaSundhage's job being on the line but doesn't seem to feel that way about Nowak, despite the fact that Sundhage's team is through the prelims and Nowak's isn't.

And contrary to speculation (including this page just yesterday) it appears that Benny Feilhaber WON'T BE REPORTING FOR DUTY WITH NEW ENGLAND AFTER ALL