I have seen the best guys of my generation deployed by badness

Got the men's Olympic game waiting at home for me on tape, and baby, I am PSYCHED!

But first, courtesy of Kenn - Peter Wilt posts the advice he gave Alexi Lalas back in 2004. It is fascinating and informative. Do what I did, and read it.

Okay, to be precise, do what I did, highlight the text because Peter posts dark blue and dark red on a black background, THEN read it. It's especially relevant in these days of GM turnover and instability.

Kenn says that it's madness...madness...that Wilt isn't running an MLS team. Hard to argue, although if I was forced to guess I imagine it's tough to get Wilt to take a job that isn't on the west shore of Lake Michigan. Either that, or MLS teams generally share AEG's opinion of his talents. Colorado should really send him some brochures promoting the breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery, though. (I've given up hope that he would waste his time screwing around with the Galaxy. I'm just thankful he didn't take the Chivas USA job - the Galaxy would have folded by now.)

The problem with having Wilt rejoin MLS is that it would pretty much doom WPS, or at least make it into an only slightly higher-rent W-League. I'm going to assume that existing clubs in Washington, Boston, New Jersey and so forth will function anyway, but in LA, the upside of WPS right now is yet another episode of AEG's Cavalcade of Comedy. WPS needs to keep Peter to balance out Tim Leiweke.

Oh, Captain No Follow-Up just told me that Ajax America and the Pali Blues won their respective leagues. I never did get around to see Pali, and I only saw Ajax twice. LA's claim to women's soccer supremacy was dented by FC Indiana again, though. I also learned that on Peter's blog.