Time to preview the Open Cup game oh crap it's the second half already

This calls for a spoiler image!


Hey, but MLS only has one of the games on Matchtracker, is the other game tomorrow or...oh, they're not having it because it's two USL teams? LAME LAME LAME LAME wait, maybe the USL site has it.

Oh, they're actually SHOWING it. http://usl.playonsports.tv/

Oh, it too started about an hour ago. Look, I've been in Galaxy mode for the past couple of days, stupid upstaging hay wagon of a franchise.

And so anyway, my predictions woulda been New England and Seattle in the final. Then I got a load of New England's starting lineup. As of right now, DC United has a mid-second half one-goal lead. No T-Bag, no Ralston, no Albright, no Parkhurst (well, duh), no Heaps, no Larentowicz, no Nyassi, Albright at least is on the bench. It's Shalrie Joseph and the Pips. Usually at the semifinal stage we tend to lose the feeling of Scrubs on Parade, but despite (or because of) winning the whole thing last year, Nicol's again diminishing the tournament. Bleah. I don't see New England coming back in this one, nor do I see them deserving to with that lineup. Blame the Fire, or Kevin Stott, but prioritizing the Supporters Shield (which is uncertainly on the line) over the Open Cup (which is absolutely on the line) doesn't do it for me. Trying not to win trophies can be dangerously addictive, and I thought the Revs were past that.

'kay, gonna post this and watch the rest of the Sounders/C-Bats game.

EDIT - meh, I'm being too hard on the Revs. They're effectively seeded FOURTH in the semifinals, if we go by home field advantage. And they do have a pretty full dance card. But the up side of playing all those games is the opportunity to win all those trophies. Potential doubles...triples...quads? QUINTS?...should never be taken lightly, and that's what New England did tonight.

Aw, I can't stay mad at New England.

EDIT - Hey, WHY does this call for a spoiler image? Were you going to read the Matchtracker later this evening? Maybe you're downloading the USL feed, but I'm NOT SURE YOU HAVE MR. MARCOS' PERMISSION TO DO THAT, you Internet copyright pirate. Oh well.

EDIT - Wells Thompson just earned himself carte armadillo dos, and that should JUST ABOUT DO IT for New England. Seattle and Charleston has a real "We're gonna go to penalties!" vibe to it. I'd like to see Blackbaud someday, but South Carolina isn't exactly a staycation.

EDIT - Luciano with goal number two on the evening. Now, if New England misses out on the Shield, CONCACAF, or, God help you, MLS Cup yet again, how empty is this season? Superliga, Schmuperliga. Good saves in the USL bracket.

EDIT - I like Seattle's current blues better than the snot green the MLSounders are gonna wear. There, I said it. Can't unsay it now.

EDIT - The USL bracket is going to overtime. The MLS bracket is NOT. If the C-Bats win, our final is in Blackout Stadium, not Blackbaud. If the Sounders win, we're Qwesting. If Chicago hadn't made a mockery of my prediction, the final would have been "Qwest for Fire," which amuses me mightily. Have to save it for next year, I suppose.