Week 21 aftermath - it's not a sprint, it's a treadmill

Wow, it's like somebody gave the Red Bulls some kind of drinkable form of energy that gave them the power of flight, or something. New York is now undefeated when they score four goals in a game. I guess I should stop calling them the Bread Rolls. The really amusing thing about the result is that, combined with Wizards and Redlegs wins, the Red Bulls started and finished the weekend tied for last. They did bring DC United down to their level. I really thought the United had turned their season around, Gallardo injury or no. I wonder when Zach Wells will come in for some criticism?

Up until about minute 75 or so in the New England game, the story was of New England professionally and coolly putting a cushion between themselves and the rest of the division, a nice five points ahead with a game in hand over second-place Columbus. Then Kevin Stott made a call that put the "ugh" in Foxborough. Greg Lalas was pretty much correct - yeah, you're not supposed to slap the ball out of the hands of an opponent, even a reprobate like Cootiemac White. But Stott was anything but consistent in his calls - Revolution-Fire games are usually hatchet fights, and Stott was calling it as such, most obviously in a sequence where Nyassi cheap-shotted Blanco, and Segares returned the favor. For those of you who didn't see it, one yellow card was about two too few. So it was weird seeing Stott turn hanging judge for Shalrie Joseph ten minutes later.

Even more strange was Matt Reis turning in probably his worst performance as a professional. New England announcers and MLSnet can describe Segares' shot as "knuckling" all they want, Reis absolutely should have had that one. He also did a poor job on the shot that landed at Conde's feet, and eventually into the net. Then Reis ran about forty-five yards to yell at Stott, claiming he had the ball in his grasp, when replays indicated no such thing.

With Chicago and Columbus at home this coming weekend, and New England on the road without Shalrie (even if it's only against a weak-ass California team), after an Open Cup semifinal at DC, the Revolution could conceivably find themselves in third place next week at this time.

New England still has a game in hand on both the Fire and the Crew - which will play out as the August 20 game against DC United at home.

So New England's next two trophies lie in the hands of DC United. If DC continues its suckulence - then it's full speed ahead towards the Open Cup and Supporters Shield. If DC has yet another mood swing, though, the entire Revolution season could go south even faster than Colorado's. Better hope Reis didn't peak in the Superliga final.

The West is turning into Real Salt Lake fanfic. Two weeks off, still in first place. If they had another week off, they'd probably clinch home field throughout the playoffs.