LA BLOOD: Gullit Resigns, Lalas gets the Sack, Cobi Jones to Serve as Interim Coach

REPORTS OUT OF LA are saying that the Galaxy has swept the barn clean and Ruud Gullit has handed in his resignation while GM Alexi Lalas has been fired.

Tom Payne, who has served as Lalas' assistant, will run the business side of the team. Paul Bravo, the director of football, will work with Jones on personnel decisions.

It's been widely reported that Gullit was essentially chosen by David Beckham and his handlers to take over the Galaxy. There is at the moment no comment from Beckham or his management team.

AEG Sports Czar Tim Leiweke is claiming that Gullit's departure is for "personal reasons" citing some difficulty in adapting to Southern California.

"Both parties have agreed on mutually-agreeable terms to part company," Leiweke said in a press release from AEG about an hour ago.

He says that Lalas is gone due to - well, because he sucks.

More specifically, he says that with Gullit departing, "this is the right time" to replace lalas, who succeeded Doug Hamilton after the latter's death three years ago.


Details coming