MLS Week 21: Hit me

Shorter Don Garber blog entry for today:

The league he leaves behind carries on, although in a truncated state. Tis no shortage of intriguing matchups for those of you who like your games played in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.

This is interesting purely as a do-or-die game for these teams. As a game you'd actually want to sit and watch...well, it's the 2008 Rapids, who the hell knows what you'll get? The Rapids spent most of the spring and early summer in first place, and have nothing to show for it except for the I-told-you-so's from Clavijo's enormous non-fan club. Fortuantely for the Burgundy-and-Azure, Toronto's season has wilted even more remarkably, and they roll into the Dickhouse with no Edu, no Guevara, no Wynne, and no chance. Rapids, 2-0.

Think FSC would rather have this game? Because I do. Of the missing Olympians, I think Parkhurst's absence is a much bigger deal than McBride's, a real equalizer in a very, very important game. Eastern Conference hatefests tend to be unmissable no matter who's there and who's gone. Chicago won the first two this year, but I'm going with the deeper team playing at home. I'm funny like that. Oh, and call me crazy, but I think this has a chance to outdraw the Superliga final. Revs, 2-1.

Jimmy, how's the season going?

Hell yeah, you're behind where you want to be, you're tied for last in the much tougher division. Kansas City pretty much has to have this one. They've historically owned the Goats, last year's playoffs behing Exhibit A, and Kljestan is gallivanting with McBride and his Commie friends. But with Bornstein and Galindo healing, the window of CUSA's vulnerability is closing. I've been overrating Kansas City for years now, but I think they come through on this one. Wizards, 2-0.

Did I mention that I liked this ad the Red Bulls are running? The only problem is, the last time the word "revenge" was bandied around those parts, it was Mike Petke vowing revenge on Mamadou Diallo. Mike Ammann, as of 2008, is still unavenged. But, it's nice to see a SuperClub admit that they pretty much re-enacted Flounder's speech to Dean Wormer the last time the two clubs met, and promise to do better. I like it when teams promise things. DC United's a much better team than the Red Bulls, has that been pointed out anywhere? DC, 3-1.