Superliga Final Preview

This time, it's in New England. This time, there seems to be a definite talent and form advantage in New England's favor, despite Houston's good form lately. The Dynamo's last league loss was, in fact, to New England. The Revolution won both games against Houston this year, two decisive shutouts. I don't see that changing in the Final.

I'm expecting a very tight, low-scoring game, though. They know each other too well to make mistakes out of ignorance of their opponent's strengths. Heck, Houston's new forward is Nate Jaqua, who I believe the Revolution are familiar with, to say the least.

I also don't really expect teams to lay down. Even though the teams promised to split the pot, there's simply way too much history between these teams. Refreshingly, it seems to be based on mutual respect, rather than mutual loathing. (It's a little more difficult to picture Houston being willing to split prize money with Chivas USA, for example, and much more difficult to see Dynamo fans accepting such a decision. I'm sure New England fans hate Houston by now, but it's purely based on results, rather than anti-Texan bigotry.)

Besides, you're just never, ever going to see a game where Reis and Onstad bleed goals. I'm thinking 1-0, 2-0 if Twellman can start. Don't believe the unhype, this should be a good game tonight.

Okay, gotta do an Olympic preview. I think the women need to start out strong against Norway.