It's Still Monday?

Ringing Endorsement Hall of Fame: LA Galaxy GM Panyotis Lalas on newly acquired defender Eduardo Dominguez: "He's what we can afford"

Judging by his performance against Dallas, when Kenny Cooper positively pantsed the guy, Lalas needs to rethink the budget.

And of course since yesterday's defensive breakdown was hidden from view on TeleFutura, we don't know what role he played in that disaster.

If Kenny Cooper is unhappy about his transfer to Cardiff being nixed by the Hoops, he's certainly dealing with it well, singlehandedly beating TFC yesterday.

Either he's content with the deal they're working up for him or he's trying to get Cardiff to raise the ante. However that may be, the best way for any athlete to deal with the sort of situation he finds himself in is to perform, and Cooper is doing just that.

Just wondering
: If MLS gives rich kid Joey Saputo and his imbecile partner George Gillet a team to put into the glorified bleachers they call a soccer stadium in Montreal, will they also copy the TeleFutura arrangement and make a deal with RDS for a Sunday French-language game that nobody can get?

Despite the grumbling of the hard-core haters, Anson Dorrance was inducted into the hall of Fame yesterday after a gracious intorduction by Mia Hamm.

Hamm has always been his ace in the hole; as long as she stood by him, it was really tough for any of the slime to stick.

However you want to view all that, two things are more than clear: one is that if anyone deserves to be in the HoF it's Dorrance, and the second is that along with her other qualities you can add "loyalty" to the list of things you like about Mrs. Garciaparra.

I'm back on the road this morning, so I'll leave you with a piece from SOCCERLENS giving you plenty of reasons you'll want to put the DVR into overdrive and check out the Olympic soccer tournament.