I Fought the Power (and the Power Won)

Leech off other people's articles and give my own comments? Don't mind if I do!

Apparently for some weird reason AEG isn't satisfied with how the Galaxy are doing. Picky, picky, picky.

If two weeks was the deadline, then that means the Chivas USA game will be root, hog, or die. However, Tim's appearance was before the San Jose pratfall...so why wait that long? It's a bye week for the Galaxy, and the Chivas USA game is the day before the transfer deadline. Freedman says that Yallop was the fall guy last year, but as I recall the story was that Yallop left of his own free will.

I've grown weary of trying to defend Alexi Lalas by pointing out that his job description is to sell tickets, because if he's the next guy tossed overboard, then there's a definite upside...the guy was magic as a commentator. Getting out from under the whole corporate silliness, and getting some good press for a change, will do him a world of good. By 2010 we'll have Dellacamera, Harkes (who's very much improved - all he has to do is work on his player pronunciations, although it never bothered Bruce Arena)...bringing Lalas and Wynalda back will make the World Cup wonderful again. Er, assuming the stadiums are built and the crime is under control and so forth.

Meanwhile, MLS players attempt to solve the prisoner's dilemma.

The hilarity of the situation aside - it's easy to see this leading to some serious grudge-keeping on the part of the Powers That Be...and in this case, the Powers That Be have a serious amount of power. Hard to see this as anything but the players spitting in the eye of SUM, and the annoying thing is, it doesn't gain the players one single thing. They still have to go out and play this game, after all.

With this kind of gesture, it literally doesn't matter who is right (the players) and who's wrong, or whether you believe the Superliga is worthwhile (Chivas USA really could have used a better showing, just like the Galaxy really could have used winning it last year, to be honest, but it's hard to spin another Houston-New England match). Unless the Dynamo and Revolution go lugnuts-out on this one, preferably with a bench-clearing brawl or two, they've seriously questioned the integrity of the product.

I realize that's precisely the point of the exercise. But that's not very groovy for the fans who purchased tickets to this, and "let the buyer beware" isn't the message SUM, MLS teams, or players want to be sending.

The players don't want to be used as chew-toys for meaningless friendlies, which is entirely valid. But this was a hardball move by the players, and bodes extremely ill for the future.