Sunday stats for you

San Jose is undefeated when they score three goals in a game. Also, San Jose has now scored three goals in a game.

Los Angeles has not won on Sunday this season. They also have not won when they have played like frozen dog puke.

I need to check with to confirm, but I think this makes Dallas 1-1 all-time when they are two men up.

The English-accented commentators on the Guevara red card clip seem pretty convinced the call was legit. Based on the MLSnet clip, Guevara could have kidnapped the Lindbergh baby for all I know. If we can take the commentators at their word...what a STUPID way to toss away an unbeaten home record. Losing at Salt Lake is one thing, losing at home to Dallas is quite another. I think Toronto is officially in serious trouble. Which first-year coach gets fired first, Carver or Gullit?

Your real winner this weekend was Salt Lake. The Royals had a fantastic weekend off - even the Dallas win means they have the only unbeaten home record so far this year. Is having only four more home games in the regular season in which to blow this record a good thing, or a bad thing?

EDIT - want to know what the Galaxy have to say for themselves? So did Nick Green.

Okay, this is a little different than chasing down Beckham just to get his views on whether "Dark Knight" or "Iron Man" was the better superhero movie. But the problem with "No comment" is that it's just as easy to fill in that particular blank with "Meh, who cares" as "We're so ashamed we don't deserve to have anyone talk to us."

As a fan, it would have been nice to have someone explain what in the name of Commie Jesus has been going on the past couple of months or so. Either there is no explanation, in which case I will be cheering for mass firings tomorrow morning...or I as a fan don't deserve an explanation, in which case I will be cheering for mass firings tomorrow morning.