SGE presesnts his list, Mexican media rejoices

It had to have been hard for the Mexican media these past few months. They had an experienced, decent coach thrust upon them. No criticism. He had the nerve to speak Spanish well at his initial press conference. Again, no chinks in the armor.

He spoke to all the former Tri helmsmen, and current skipper. What can they do with that? Certainly not heap a modicum of praise. SGE then finished off his storybook first six weeks in Mexico by observing the Superliga (I think he threw up a little) and then catching some games as the Jornada 1 drew to a close.

The Mexican media were all wetting themselves in anticipation for Sven's first list of call-ups. Not because they wanted to see who was on the list, but rather, they wanted to see the list so that they could finally do what they do best: destructively criticize and hate monger.

The first salvo was fired when SGE had the unmitigated gall to include Pumas DM Leandro Agusto, a naturalized Mexican on the list. The claws came out.

"It's one thing to name naturalized players, but to name a guy in a position where there are other Mexicans who are as capable, it's not right."

"Leandro is a consummate professional, he has played at high level for a number of years, he is an indisputable starter for Pumas, but he is naturalized, so he should be the last one considered, not the first one."

Leandro Agusto is not a good player, he is a great player. He has been the Pumas traffic cop going on 8 years now. He is a holding mid-fielder who has the discipline to time his offensive adventures judiciously, and has all the qualities you would want in a DM: good marking, strong tackling, excellent passing, and superlative vision. So where is the controversy?

I have no issue with Mexico using naturalized players, so long as the league continues to be an importer of talent. What I find funny is that Leandro was the pick that generated the frenzy, while much more questionable picks like Omar Arellano, Luis Landin, Francisco Torres, and Omar Esparza went relatively unnoticed.

Truth be told, this is nothing more than a minicamp, and maybe a half a dozen will survive once the expats and the Cruz Azul contingency are available. And then we'll see the negative, pessimistic Mexican media in full force again. What will they bitch about then? They'll find something.