North and South

Every time I start to think that maybe I'm getting just a bit too rough on our neighbors to the North and that I ought to consider trying to find something a little more positive to say about them once in a while, along comes a piece LIKE THIS PILE OF SEWAGE from the Toronto Star.

Their theory is simple: allowing Canada into the United States of America's Division 1 Professional soccer league is all well and good but, really, MLS should be doing so much more for them.

Like what, you ask?

Well, for example, spend some serious money on Canadian development, serve as a "fundraiser" for their national federation, find ways to "push" Canadians playing overseas back to Canada, dig up some commercial sponsors for the Canadian Soccer Association and - oh yes - give them Duane DeRosario.

Hey sure, no problem. Anything else we can do? Paint your house? Wax your car?


If you're not a regular visitor toWORLD CUP BLOG - well, you ought to be.

Laurie over there always manages to find some stuff that the rest of us miss, like this really great video which is apropos of very little but is pretty funny anyway:


As long as I'm doing the video thing here's a look at the five best goals from the FIFA Executive Committee's summer beach vacation - er, I mean the Beach Soccer World Cup.

The first and fourth goals, from the Spaniard, are both ridiculous, but the weakest one is maybe the most interesting since it's scored by Italian "Diego Junior Maradona"

It's not his real name, since he was born without benefit of wedlock, but he is indeed "Junior" Maradona.


Since, understandably, the good folks at S.U.M. were reluctant to post a video of everyone hitting each other at the end of the Revolution - Atlante match, the "highlights" are a little unsatisfying, but the repeated attempts at maiming Shalrie Joseph do give us a hint of the mood as the thing ended:


And I can't really tell you who this guy is but he and some other guys do A PODCAST SITE IN NEW YORK that may deserve a closer look:


I don't have much to say about the whole post-game "brawl" thing (and due to the recent sensationalizing by an AP reporter of a couple drunks swinging their purses at each other in CCS as a "brawl" the word hits a raw nerve for me anyway) since I didn't see it.

What I do know though is that it amounted to another team full of Mexican players losing to a team from the US and blaming cheating referees for the result.

AFter the recent US/Mexico friendly, I honestly hoped that some of this bitterness and anger was fading away, but apparently not. Mexican teams still feel that they are inherently superior to American teams and that any result short of total victory means they have been unfairly dealt with and they are bitter and angry and sometimes violent about it.

The ironic thing is that once Mexican teams lose the attitude and go back to just playing soccer (and ignore their fans and their absurdly overheated press) the way they can, they'll likely win a lot more often.

Time after time they end up tripping over their own egos. Next time try leaving them in the locker room and see what happens.