Home Office Green Lights Guzan Work Permit

Proving that Aston Villa knew what it was doing, FORMER CHIVAS USA KEEPER BRAD GUZAN was granted a work permit today, sealing the transfer deal agreed to a couple weeks ago.

In other MLS news, Galaxy midfielder David Beckham, an English chap or so I'm told, will make a guest appearance on Sesame Street, which will air August 11.

There is no truth to the rumor that they originally tried taping the show with Cuahotomec Blanco but he head butted Cookie Monster in a dispute over chocolate chip vs. peanut butter.

The Offside Rules meanwhile, is reporting that - hold onto your seats - the construction on RedBulls Park has hit a "snag" as some people are taking some other people to court for no particular good reason except that's what you do, I guess.

I predict this wil be resolved in 60-90 DAYS

Via The Original Winger comes A HEADS UP REGARDING A NEW FEATURE ON mlsnet.com: a listing of "soccer pubs" across the fruited plain.

Sounds like a good way to plan a vacation.