Ho hum, Superliga once again proves MLS eternal triumph over the entire rest of the world

....I'm sorry, I can't follow through on the trolling on this one. Tell you what, next year if it's an all-FMF final, I owe you one "MLS will never compete and should immediately fold before they disgrace our nation further" post.

I have to say that for a tournament whose only point was to foster a meaningless FMF v. MLS rivalry for the mutual profit of both (cf., Old Firm), there sure are a lot of fights breaking out after these games (cf., Old Firm).

Which doesn't make the tournament meaningful. Fights break out over meaningless things all the time, as my pal Gavrilo Princip reminds me. And since I went on about home field advantage as recently as yesterday, it would probably do to point out that the only home game any Mexican team has played in this tournament was Chivas last year in the LA Coliseum.

I only know what I read on BigSoccer, but it looks like Jorge Vergara is taking his balls and going home. (Assuming that's his decision to make, or that it's always going to be. Babelfish tells me there's still a tad bit of controversy about how Vergara acquired CD Guadalajara, although to be fair I'm not likely to pick up on the difference between "Ravenous Bugblatter beasts often make a good meal for visiting tourists" and "Ravenous Bugblatter beasts often make a good meal of visiting tourists.")

It would be more expensive, but I'd like next time to see European or CONMEBOL or other neutral federation refs brought in. Not because they would necessarily be of higher quality - the sun never sets on sucky referees. But if teams are making it an issue, then SUM should address it. Same with the condition of fields, of course, but even the MLS teams are on board with upgrading the quality there. It's because this is a money-grab that complaints like these must be heeded. CONCACAF can say "Fine, don't go to the World Club Cup"; CONMEBOL can say "Fine, skip Libertadores." SUM can't tell FMF teams to take a hike.

Meaningless also does not rule out exciting, either, although the intersection in that particular Venn diagram is usually as skinny as Diego Maradona isn't. In prospect, New England and Houston in YET ANOTHER final, this one for beer money, isn't terribly appetizing. But last year, Pachuca against a horrible Galaxy team wasn't terribly promising, and that one was a gem.

As a bonus, because I'm a petty douchebag, compare and contrast Luis Bueno from February:

...with Luis Bueno in July:

Now he tells us. Hey! Luis! Quick! Jesus Padilla is pretending to be Mexican again! Go get him!