Come back, Abel Xavier, all is forgiven

Adrian Serioux probably doesn't need my help with the trash talk, but he could have quoted Dave's good friend Tom in one of his most famous lines, "It's like a nightmare, isn't it? It just gets worse and worse."*

Given a choice between watching that game again and eating a bucket full of dog dicks, I'd...well, I'd watch the game again, of course. Oduro chewing up that half-assed offside trap, and Thompson's garbage time goal - those were beautiful. I'd probably also want to look at Gullit's big, happy smile Fox Sports West showed before the game, the one Jim and Mark remarked on. What was going through his head? Was it the same thing that Custer told the 7th Cavalry just before Greasy Grass? What mood was he in - the same one JFK had a little short of forty-five years ago, a few miles to the south, when he thought "What a lovely day for a motorcade"?

There are an amusing series of conversations going on in various Galaxy fora - if you're a neutral fan who enjoys schadenfreude, I can't encourage you enough to pay those boards a visit, both here on BigSoccer and elsewhere. The arguments rage on who in the Galaxy organization most deserves to be tried and executed for treason, and the really beautiful thing is? They're all right. The only reason not to tie them all to chairs on a hill "Breaker Morant" style is, why waste perfectly good chairs?

I feel I should apologize for Dominguez, but nobody had any inkling he was this year's Carlos Pavon. Ah, you might reply, shouldn't the Galaxy organization have had such an inkling, being that being their job, and what? An excellent point, if awkwardly expressed. Paul Bravo, would you care to take a seat on this convenient hill?

Let us now briefly praise FC Dallas. This was exactly the tonic that franchise needed, after the faceplant they did a few months ago. I didn't want to say FCD was moribund, exactly, but with Toja and Cooper being rumored on the way out, the fanbase needed and deserved a strong showing from the Hoopsters (either Jim or Mark's line, blame them if you feel insulted by it, I still prefer "Hoopy Froods" but it'll never catch on in a hundred years). Furthermore, it tightens up the West yet more. If we must have ridiculous parity, you might as well let everyone compete, and it's better to have six teams fighting for three playoff spots, instead of just five.

Yes, six. I'm including San Jose, and leaving out Los Angeles.

If this is Kenny Cooper's last game in MLS, what a sendoff. There was a poignant little "Please Don't Go!" sign in his honor, and you'd have to have really, really hate Dallas not to nod in agreement. After all, Cooper came all the way back against the very team that busted his leg last year. Although not the same player, who was shipped off to Toronto to make room for Xavier...who was cut to make room for, is this a blog post, or a suicide note?

*Well, that's not his most famous line. There's "I love black people!", there's "Respect the cock," there's "Man, you can ride my tail anytime"....I know, I'm being suppressive and glib.