No, Canada: Booing the US National Anthem

I sincerely hope that all of you who think I'm unfairly rough on the topic of further MLS expansion into Canada caught THE LOUD, SUSTAINED BOOING FROM THE TORONTO CROWD during the playing of our national anthem.

"It was the whole stadium," said Maria Badillo, executive producer of the Miami-based I Sorpresa TV show for kids to promote soccer and exercise. "I was surprised."

As a Mexican who lives in the U.S., she was floored this would happen in Canada.
"It was sad and it showed a lack of respect," she said.

"Lack of respect" is putting it mildly. "Open hostility" is more like it.

"They didn't mind taking my money all week," said Jim Ivey, who flew up here for the all-star festivities with his wife, Laurie, and their two sons, Trevor, 13, and Trent, 9.

No Jim, they never do.

Personally, I can't wait for the next time the league tells us about the "great great fans in Toronto" and what a "wonderful atmosphere" they have in that stadium. The next sound you'll hear will be me throwing up.

They told us what a great day it would be when the US finally got it's own professional soccer league. Whatever happened to that anyway?

They're saying this morning that the crowd was booing because they thought the Canadian national anthem was not going to be sung.

That may be, but not a peep was heard during the playing of "God Save the Queen". It was only when "The Star Spangled Banner" began that the "loud, sustained booing" from "the entire stadium" began.

Give me whatever explanations you want. Go ahead. My favorite will be "well, of course, the US is really evil, as we all know, so it's understandable".

But the bottom line is that if Canadians want to show just how much they want to be a part of our national soccer league they might want to find a better way.