Ho hum, once again America asserts its perfection and dominance

Why? Why do we keep putting well-meaning international teams through this annual humiliation? They never learn. They never get better. Didn't we realize this when we beat players chosen from the entire rest of the world in 1998? The All-Star Game over the years has proven beyond any question that the only fair match for American players - the only ones who could possibly give them any sort of competition - are other American players.

Who else do we need to humiliate at this point? We've reduced the so-called great international teams of Celtic, Chelsea and Guadalajara to feeble, impotent wrecks. Now Fulham, now West Ham...my God, how can we continue to get satisfaction out of these continued bitchifications? The East-West games were at least a little suspenseful.

What more do we need to prove? When the United States produces players like Gomez, De Rosario and Blanco, why would we even expect any English team to compete? Virgins put up better fights against volcanoes.

Yes, I know, there's the vain hope that one day, the non-American half of the world will get lucky, and get some sort of cheap, fluke victory. As if such a one-off would ever mean they were actually worth anything - how embarrassing would THAT be, to have to cling to such a meaningless result in order to get any sense of self-worth? But, I guess as long as America continues to be a shining city on a hill, we will also continue to indulge the fantasy that other peoples can rise to our level.

The audacity of hope, I suppose.

Or, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, noblesse oblige.