Headlines and Headrests

So with David and the Gals taking "BeckaPalooza 2008" to Giants Stadium today (a reported 45,000 tickets have already been sold) MLS trotted their prize show pony out for the press yesterday after practice

Tom Canavan of the Associated Press pounded out a summary which - this being the era of McReporting - was published by dozens of media outlets around the world.

The interesting thing - to me, anyway - is what part of the article each publication's headline writer picked up on and thus what their readers, the majority of which will only scan the headline before moving on, will take away from it.

For example, THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR (Canada) tells us "Beckham Happy with Growth of MLS" and THE SUDBURY STAR (Canada) says "Beckham Impressed with MLS" while DANVILLE NEWS(PA) wants us to know that "Beckham says MLS is Better than People Think".

MSN INDIA, on the other hand, thinks the main point here is that "It Will Take Time for MLS to Catch Europe" a thought which is put in more optimistic terms by THE SUN (Canada): "Beckham Believes MLS Will Catch Up" although THE GLEANER (Canada) has a somewhat less cheery sounding "MLS Has Some Catching Up to Do".

THE HERALD NEWS (New Jersey) apparently didn't have time to read it and so went with "Superstar Speaks his Mind".

Down in Georgia, unfortunately, the page-scanning reader will only see "Beckham: MLS Not Equal to World's Best Leagues" from THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE. They won't likely see today's THE TELEGRAPH JOURNAL (Canada) which trumpets "Beckham Salutes MLS Play"

All of which probably says something or other which is quite remarkable, but I'll leave it to you to decide what, exactly. I'm too worn out from posting all those links to care.

While her Hubby was working the press in New Jersey Victoria was giving the paparazzi in LA a workout, going to her "pal Eve Longoria's new restaurant".

Most publications are abuzz with the photos of her neon orange shoes, but I found this one more interesting:

Something about it seemed familiar, so I looked through some pics and sure enough, I found this one, taken the day they arrived in LA:

With DBeck's money, I sort of figured they bought a new car, like, every month or so. Yet this one is over a year old, proving that even the superrich are doing some belt-tightening.

I'm also gonna guess that having your number embroidered on the headrests of your Escalade is something that, say, Scott Bolkan can't quite work into his budget.

In non-Beckham news Dallas FC is stocking up on short-term "International" roster spots. They traded a 2009 first round supplemental pick to Columbus for one yesterday and then got another from KC for a fourth round 2009 Superdraft pick.

Both deals are essentially rentals, however, and the spots revert back at the end of the 2008 season.

Leaving aside the obvious, ie. that KC made the better deal here (although if they continue to suck and the Crew stays near the top of the table, there won't be a lot of difference) the OTHER obvious point seems to be that DFC has deals in place for some imminent player signings.

Finally for my Canadian friends who seem upset that I frequently mention the plastic pitch at BEEMO but never mention the other three similar fields across the league, there's THIS PIECE FROM UP YOUR WAY which points to one of the reasons:

Players keep mentioning it.

You guys are shooting the messenger here. I personally have never played on your pitch, but the guys who do complain about it.

Another facet though seems to be that not only does TFC play on plastic they also practice on plastic. The players seem to agree that they could put up with playing 15 times a season on Fieldturf but practicing two hours a day for seven months is more than they think they can handle.

I personally would add that the other guys who have plastic fields are diligently working at getting off of them. RSL will be out before the end of the season and NYRB will be out in 60-90 days.

Even the Revs are sniffing around about putting up a building, something I thought would happen about the same time as we found pigs in the trees.