News Flash: Franco Still Dead, McBride Still Unsigned

Hopefully, Breton Bonnette won't mind if I borrow the page for a little while this morning. I'll try not to eat into his space too much.

As noted in numerous reports yesterday, Commissioner Garber HAD SOME COMMENTS REGARDING THE MCBRIDE KERFUFFLE at the Reyna retirement announcement.

It would appear that Donny G's patience is beginning to wear a bit thin and he's edging dangerously close to a thinly veiled threat here:

"The league, at some point, has to determine whether we get involved...

"The league doesn’t want to get involved. I hope we won’t get involved. I hope common sense prevails."

I'm guessing by "common sense" he's not referring to Chicago handing over the ranch for a 36 year old striker, but rather to the fact that if Toronto doesn't make some kind of a deal before the allocation positions change they're going to end up with Jack Squat.

On the other hand perhaps Don is merely suggesting that Canada come back from the kind of Never-Never Land that would cause a TORONTO SUN SPORTSWRITER to speculate that perhaps the fact that BEEMO has fieldturf could be one reason why Fulham's Brian McBride has so far refused to sign with TFC.

Of course another reason might be that there'll be snow on the Hills of Hell before McBride signs with TFC. Take your pick.

In the same article, John Carver claims that the complaints about BEEMO are all in the player's heads, a position which would be news to Ronnie O'Brien, since he and his surgeons are convinced the problem is in his knees.

Since the mysterious disappearance - or perhaps "non-appearance" would be more precise - of the proprietor of "Logan's Revenge", life has seemed somehow less worth living.

(And that leaves aside the people who tried substituting MLSR and ended up wanting to kill themselves)

Well good news, campers: LOGAN'S REVENGE IS BACK. He has an interesting piece about doings in Dallas, and a not-interesting piece about Sigi wanting Carlos Ruiz which, while undoubtedly true is, well, not exactly news.

Maybe it's just me but I don't see what the fuss is about LANDON DONOVAN BEING "LEFT OFF" the Olympic team.

Is the guy supposed to be on every single team that hits a field in a US uniform? Are we planning on getting him surgery in time for he next Women's World Cup? Is he being called in to the US Futsal Team? The Beach Soccer squad?

Sure other countries are sending big time stars to the Olympics, but mpost of those guys aren't in the middle of their domestic league season.

Howsabout we don't wear the guy down to a nub shoving him out there every time a whistle blows someplace?

If anyone gives a damn about the continuing saga of Paul DIckov (I know I don't, but I got myself into this and have no one else to blame) be advised that his agents say HE'S NOT GOING TO BLACKPOOL AFTER ALL and TFC is still listed as a possibility.

Finally I know it seems like I'm picking on Toronto a lot this week but it's not my fault, really. I keep trying to find nice things to say and instead keep running across ARTICLES LIKE THIS that I just can't pass by:

It seems Maurice Edu wants a new "goal celebration" and he's asking the fans for help. He'll do a video of the three best suggestions and then let "the fans" vote on their favorite.

Somewhere, Sir Stanley Matthews is rolling in his grave.

I had planned on offering some suggestions of my own, but I'll leave that to someone else. They hate me enough already.

Back to you, Breton