MLS shows true patriot love

I've given this an awful lot of thought, and I've figured out why Dwayne De Rosario is on the All-Star Team. The problem with voting for a midseason game is that if a player just has a fantastic second half of a season, there's little recognition. Ideally, voters would factor in the second half of 2007, as well as the playoffs. So even though you can't make the case that De Rosario deserves inclusion on the merits of his 2008 season so far, I think Don Garber made an excellent choice in

....sorry, got interrupted. I think similar reasoning works with why Steve Nicol chose Pat Onstad ahead of Reis and Busch. Last year, Onstad and the Dynamo got off to a lousy start, then came on strong. They're off to a lousy start this year. But when it comes to Onstad, one of a very, very short list of candidates for best MLS goalkeeper ever, it's easy to see why, I don't know what it is tonight. Now, the way you can tell Nicol is taking West Ham seriously is with the Jim Brennan pick. He's not exactly the flashiest player in the league, but he's made his name in Nottingham Forest and Norwich City - and he knows what English clubs bring, just like Nicol. And Steve Nicol wants players who match up well with

....what? You're saying that Steve Nicol and Don Garber would choose players for an All-Star Game on the basis of anything besides merit? Why, if you say that, then you might as well just say that Don Garber picked ALL the players. Well, I have news for you, you cynical sourpusses. It's the All-STAR game, not the All-GAR game. And if you're not on board with that, fine. There's other news.


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