Gleaming the Cuba

There are other armies besides Sam's in CONCACAF.

Just as a quick aside, considering how obnoxiously political at least two of your homepage bloggers are, I think we've done a very good job in not being needlessly divisive on this, Your Internet Soccer Treehouse. All are welcome, except Scientologists.

That warning is certainly a lot meatier than all those FA requests to English fans to please, don't go to the away qualifier, the game's sold out, it's in some random post-Soviet craphole downwind of Chernobyl, and the dictator just boiled the British ambassador in gnu vomit.

But this is a close to home reminder (NINETY MILES FROM MIAMI! - that's one for you Cold War buffs) that there has always been politics in the game, and always will be. We American soccer fans are very fortunate that our government doesn't take the logical conclusion to this policy, and ban the Nats from playing the game at all.

...I hope I didn't give Mexico fans an idea for an e-mail campaign. "Dear Senator ___________, as a patriotic American, it breaks my heart to see a team representing the United States stoop to kowtowing before the Castro regime, and playing an un-American sport to boot. Jesse Helms must be spinning in his grave. Sincerely, NeryCastillo2010."

I don't know how the next administration will react to fans who do something incredibly difficult, like make a connecting flight through Toronto or Mexico City. One hopes the Barr Administration's libertarian principles will hold firm, but it would be sad to see a bunch of US fans sent to Leavenworth. You guys will be on television, so buy some luchador masks from the duty-free shop on the way there. Don't wear your E. Howard Hunt Fan Club T-shirt. And remember at all times, it isn't going to Cuba that is risky, it's inadvertently revealing that you had been there. Ask Fredo Corleone.

EDIT - I suppose it's bad form not to give Mr. Goff credit for linking to it first.